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Diabetic Foot Care

If you have diabetes you are more likely to have foot problems because it can damage your nerves and lessens the blood flow to your feet. It can cause foot ulcers, calluses, and other skin conditions. Prevention is the key to having healthy feet! At Total Podiatry, we check your feet for these problems and recommend a treatment plan that will keep you healthy and will address any concerns you may have about diabetes.

At Total Podiatry, we check your feet for diabetic problems as prevention is the key to having healthy feet! People with diabetes often suffer with foot problems that can quickly lead to complications. Since high blood sugar levels can damage blood vessels and nerves (neuropathy) in the feet, the diabetic patient must take proper foot care seriously. With a diabetic foot, a simple wound like a blister from wearing a shoe that’s too tight can cause a serious medical condition. Foot ulcers, ingrown toenails, blisters, skin breaks, as well as bruises, cuts and scrapes should be examined and treated. Anyone with diabetes should clean and inspect their feet every day while observing all the basic “dos and don’ts” to include:

 keep feet warm and dry
 wear proper fitting shoes
 keep toenails trimmed
 lower blood sugar levels

 never walk barefoot
 use pumice stone (calluses)
 stop smoking
 don’t walk on foot sores

NOTE: Swelling in only one foot can be an early sign of Charcot (pronounced “sharko”) foot. This diabetic foot problem can destroy the bones (fractures) and joints (dislocations) causing foot deformity.

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Dr. Tribuiani Acclaimed by Naples Illustrated

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