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Testimonial from “Nancy” of Estero, Fl for Pillows of the Feet

Testimonial from “Leigh B” of Estero, Fl for Pillows of the Feet

“I am a professional woman who wears high heels every day and every day when I came home my feet hurt so much that I would just to go to bed. I tried inner soles and all of the things that I could find online, but nothing worked. I was so frustrated! So when I went to Dr. Tribuiani last year for an ingrown toe nail, he told me about “Pillows for the Feet”. I said, let’s do it! OMG is all I can say! The Sculptra® injectable implants which replaced the padding on the ball of my foot gave me enormous relief after the first treatment. The procedure was so easy and painless, and I can do anything I want now without pain. Dr. Tribuiani, I can’t thank you enough for my “Pillows for the Feet.” -Leigh B, Estero, FL

Pillows for the Feet

Total Podiatry is now offering a procedure that will create a pillow-like cushion on the ball of the foot. For men, it is often noted they develop sores/wounds due to underlying bone pressure. Sculptra® filler offloads these wounds allowing pressure to be decreased at the ball of the foot eventually overlaying the enclosure of the deformity.

By injecting Sculptra®, a safe, synthetic, and biocompatible material (a material that does not harm the body) below the surface of the skin, it “puffs up” areas that have atrophied over the years due to wear and tear. Sculptra® fills those flattened areas and provides internal cushioning in the feet, creating padding between the skin and the bones of the foot. In women, the loss of fat on the bottom of the foot is common. High heels slant the foot forward and down while bending the toes up. The more often the feet are forced into this position, a much greater weight is transferred to the ball of the foot, increasing the likelihood of damage to the underlying soft tissue which supports the foot, causing pain.

Trained by noted podiatric surgeon Dr. Suzanne M. Levine of Manhattan’s Institute Beaute who pioneered this procedure, Dr. Alphonse R. Tribuiani is currently the only Southwest Florida podiatric physician trained by Dr. Levine to use Sculptra ® on the feet. Results are immediate and can last up to a year. The procedure is ideal for anyone who is on their feet all day, like athletes, salespeople, teachers and any woman who refuses to give up her high heels.

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Dr. Tribuiani Acclaimed by Naples Illustrated

We are proud to announce that Dr. Tribuiani has been selected by his peers as a Naples Podiatry Top Physician of 2022.  Look for the complete article in the March issue of Naples Illustrated.