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Wound Care​


Wounds on the feet and ankles can happen to anyone, but these demand special attention. At Total Podiatry, our timely treatment is critical in preventing more serious problems from occurring. Our care focuses on restoring skin integrity and preventing skin care complications, such as post-trauma infections for patients with multi-system health complications. This can include a special regimen to promote new skin growth by changing the wound dressing, debridement, cleansing, compression therapy or the removal of dead tissue to prevent the spread of infection. From thermal burns to diabetic-venous foot ulcers and pressure wounds, non-healing wounds can dramatically impact a patient’s health and alter their activity level.

Individualized advanced wound care can include special treatment protocols for managing complex wounds to include:

post-surgical wounds
localized incisions
infected (draining) wounds
diabetic ulcerations
scalds, burns and blisters

necrotizing fasciitis
venous stasis infections

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Dr. Tribuiani Acclaimed by Naples Illustrated

We are proud to announce that Dr. Tribuiani has been selected by his peers as a Naples Podiatry Top Physician of 2022.  Look for the complete article in the March issue of Naples Illustrated.